“I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”

William Blake, Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion


New Orleans-based artist, Regina Scully has exhibited nationally and internationally and has had solo exhibitions in New York, New Orleans and a solo exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art. She received her BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA in Painting from University of New Orleans. One of her paintings was acquired in 2021, for the lobby at World Trade Center, Tower 7 in New York where it is permanently installed. She is also a recipient of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Grant. Among other collections, two of Scully’s paintings are in the Microsoft Art Collection and two pieces are in the permanent collection at the New Orleans Museum of Art. 

Regina Scully’s paintings explore the imaginary heroic landscape and the many microcosmic worlds it encompasses. The artist uses rhythmic brushwork and both subtle and powerful color to abstract and filter images in her mind she recalls from pictures, experiences, memories, and meditative journeys. Equally inspiring to her work are the landscapes where she has lived and traveled, and the faraway islands and magical forests she researches online in photographs. The labyrinthine spaces in her paintings become vistas and stages for poetic vignettes, intriguing characters, suggestions of objects, and an exploration of paint itself.

The late, well-known art critic in New Orleans, D. Eric Bookhardt wrote about Scully’s “flair for fusing arcane metaphysics and modern abstraction in ethereal paintings” and stated “It is unusual to encounter a body of work that touches on the extremes of existence, from the macro to the micro, from the cosmos to the human form, all coexisting together.” Also referred to as Mindscapes, Scully’s paintings are deep collective worlds which the viewer can journey through, and therein find personal and particular sights and experiences. 

Scully’s solo exhibition, Magical Thinking was just on view through July 1st at Octavia Art Gallery in New Orleans. Regina is currently preparing for a three-person exhibition in Los Angeles in October.



M.F.A., Painting, University of New Orleans

B.F.A., Painting, Rhode Island School of Design

Magical Thinking, Octavia Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Mysteries of Being, Reynolds Ryan Gallery, Isidore Newman School, New Orleans, LA

Lost and Found, Octavia Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA

The House I Live In, Octavia Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA

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Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant
Awarded Residency, Hooper Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Awarded Residency, Hermitage Artist Retreat, Englewood, FL, (2016-20)


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Microsoft Art Collection (2010, 2013)
Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation Collection (2012)
Capital One Art Collection (2014)

New Orleans Museum of Art (2014, 2016)
7 World Trade Center, NYC (2021)



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